SALAMANDER goes global

1937 marks the publication of the first Lurchi magazine. While parents shop for shoes, Lurchi and his friends entertain the kids. In 1939, World War II breaks out. During the war, SALAMANDER loses 26 percent of is factories and 50 percent of its stores. However, after 1946, the company recovers and is eager to tread new ground. One of its new projects, launched in 1949, is the production of shoes for children. Soon, SALAMANDER is manufacturing 7.9 million pairs and has a workforce of 9,900.

To maintain growth, SALAMANDER concentrates on international expansion, founding SALAMANDER France in 1960 and SALAMANDER Austria in 1969. In 1967, 17,800 employees around the world are producing some 13.5 million pairs of shoes. As more and more international brands penetrate the German market, times get tougher after 1971. Five years on, the sale of 5 million pairs of shoes in the GDR does not ease the pressure. In 1981, the number of employees sinks to 7,566, and annual production to 8 million pairs of shoes. SALAMANDER then strengthens its sales and distribution network. Today, it operates 248 own-branded stores in Western Europe.

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SALAMANDER headquarters in Kornwestheim, damaged during the war
Store window display
Children loved Lurchi
SALAMANDER buses on the way to present a new collection
Christmas celebrations around 1960 at the company headquarters
SALAMANDER headquarters in Kornwestheim
Open to new ideas